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Game naruto ntsd 2.4

game naruto ntsd 2.4

Sand arturia Spikes - keydura Defend, Down, Jump (or press attack when hit).
keygen Chidori - arturia Defend, Up, keydura Jump, vratim dark Kirin - opening Defend, Up, Attack.Kyuubi Chakra Explosion - game Defend, Up, Jump.Naruto Rendan - Press jump while rolling.Sharingan - Attack, Defend - Cs2 Sasuke, prophet chidori Current Storm - Defend, Down, Jump/ jump when hit.Chidori Current - Defend, Down, Jump / jump when hit (jump after bodyflicker).Rasengan - Defend, Foward, Jump, oodama Rasengan - Jump while charging rasengan.Sand opening Blast - Defend, Foward, Attack (keep pressing attack to fire out more).Kage Bunshin - Defend, Down, Jump.Body Flicker - Defend, Down, Attack.Desert Grave - Defend, Up, Jump.Chirori Current Flow - Defend, Down, Attack.Teleport - Run, Defend, omote indonesia Renge - Defend, Down, Attack Ura Renge - Defend, Up, Attack - Deidara: Spider Mine - Defend, Down, Jump Homming Birds - Defend, Foward, Jump Bird kuci - Defend, Foward, Attack Clay Worm - Defend, Down, Attack Self Destruct sejo - Attack.Sand Storm - Defend, Down, Attack - Rock Lee, dash Spin Combo - Run Attack, Jump.Leaf Whirlwind indonesia - Defend, Foward, Attack.Sharingan episode - Attack, Jump - Gaara, desert Coffin - Defend, Up, Attack. Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu - Attack, Jump.
Jump Combo - Jump, Attack, Jump.