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Rome 2 update 4

II-reloaded) with crack added delusion to winamp install dir.
Key Features * Plan your conquest of the known world in indo a massive sandbox turn-based campaign mode (supporting additional 2-player cooperative competitive modes).
Use the patcher to sample patch the install dir.When your faction is selected, it shows walking other factions attitudes to you, and when other faction selected, shows their attitudes to other factions.Switching between different forces on the Campaign map, while in the Details panel is open, will winamp now update the stance button, so the changing the stance with this button will now set the stance for aieee the currently selected force.Character needs a certain amount of an attribute that punch exceeds the attribute of another target character (for example, the Adopt Intrigue is available if the Adopting character has three more Authority points than the target characters Zeal).Made it much harder for enemy infantry units to move/push through a pike generator phalanx.Phase timers are now displayed as a ring around Ability buttons in battles.Fixed Campaign lock up when a rank 2 or caterpillar higher General dies, after selecting a replacement with the "Duty Calls" event, then selecting any other open episodes event, and then attempting to open Diplomacy.Increase morale penalty for general death/fleeing.Fixed user interface exploit which allowed the players in battles in Legendary difficulty, to pause battles and still issue orders full to their units.Character needs to be a politician.Fixed multiple issues surrounding certain events update being fired at the same time as winning the game.Reduced qualifying trait list for various "Mad" traits (such as "Not quite right" or "Unhinged for generals in campaign modes.If caterpillar this dialog is cancelled, and the Accept button is pressed again, all control changes will no longer be discarded without warning.When viewing the total number of army units listed in a merged fleet, in the top left corner of the unit panel in campaign modes, it now correctly shows the number of units instead of incorrectly displaying the fleet total.Total War: Rome II - Massilia Faction.It now constructs more military buildings.Here are the patch notes for Total War: rome II- Patch 4 (version #7573.461942 Technical and Performance Issues Further optimisation to Campaign path finding. Build vast armies and take to the battlefield in real-time combat mode.
As you may have guessed from the latest what the teams are working on blog post, a rome II DLC announce will also be coming very soon.
32 new emblems have been added.

Should I disable mods?
Where should I report rome 2 update 4 any issues?